"The IYN festival is the best yoga festival and I have been to many others…"
(Simon- yoga teacher)


"I am so moved and inspired that this beautiful event really encompasses and celebrates the spirit of freedom and diversity with yoga! I also really appreciate the safe, playful and nurturing environment for the children…"

(Sian - Yoga teacher)

"Happy, fun, informative, diverse, warm, friendly, ticks all the boxes…"

"Wonderful nurturing growing experience in gorgeous surroundings with friendly people and gorgeous teachers. Thank you…"
(Fiona - yoga teacher)

IYN Chai tent


"Knowledgeable teachers create a loving open space from which to explore your personal practice…"

(Fiona - Sensory Solutions)

"Thank you- I love the vibe, it makes me smile, I’ve cried some tears feeling free…"

"I am so grateful for the experience at the IYN – I was sold when I knew the ethos
We celebrate diversity in Yoga…"

"Wow, what an amazing weekend…"

"Always a lovely weekend, chilled out, well organised, enlightening…"


A couple of videos have been made of recent festivals. They feature conversations with some of the people attending the festival, reflecting on the event.

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